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Best Improvements when Selling my Home in Grapevine

Attracting Buyers to my Home For Sale in Colleyville Look at every room from the master to the garage to the attic.  If a low stress high net is your goal then donate everything you do not want, clothes, furniture and dishes. A homes for sale in Colleyville with a pool will require you to clean out … Continue reading

Selling a Home and Buying another Property at the Same Time

Selling a Home to Buy another Property Locating homes for sale in Grapevine, TX has never been easier. Homeowner’s that didn’t see themselves buying for 5-10 years are rethinking their long-term plans because there is too much money to be saved by making a move now.  With the uncertainty of the American dollar, our weak … Continue reading

Is it Better to Buy or Rent a Home?

Mortgage Interest Rates Record breaking low mortgage interest rates are the strongest argument in favor of buying real estate vs. renting.  Rates hovering at around 3% for 30 year loans make available homes for sale in Colleyville with a pool look very appealing.  They’re the lowest they’ve been in six decades but will rise again.  Mortgage … Continue reading

Thank a Republican for the Texas Real Estate Market

In the DFW metroplex prices of pre-owned homes were up 3.7 percent in July from a year earlier in the Standard and Poor’s Case-Shiller Home Price Index.  Buyers on the fence should buy now because the cost associated with buying a home in Grapevine or Colleyville is going to continue to rise along with home … Continue reading

Get your House Ready to Sell in Grapevine Texas

Prep Your Grapevine Home to Sell When your thinking about selling a home one of the first items that most people dread is cleaning, packing, de-cluttering and maintaining.  A Home for sale in Grapevine Colleyville with a pool or any other value adding feature should be showcased clean and organized.  The first place you want to start … Continue reading

Using my Veteran Status to Buy a Home

Good Forecast for DFW Veterans seeking Homeownership Finding a single story home for sale in Grapevine Texas or any other neighboring city is easy and a good idea, and here’s why.  The Dallas area is rated as one of the nation’s top places for veterans to live and the No. 1 area in Texas according … Continue reading

What is a Bad Neighborhood?

Some would say high crime, poor performing schools and unsightly commercial business’s operating within a close proximity to a residential community would be a good definition of a bad neighborhood.  Studies show that lawn care has a dramatic impact on neighboring home values and that pristine landscaping can increase the value of a home by … Continue reading

Is it Better to Buy a New Home or Old?

Benefits of Buying a New Home A buyer can negotiate upgrades, receive pricing incentives, benefit from energy efficiency, and choose their own lot when buying new.  There are pros and cons to buying a new home versus an older, previously owned home.  New construction homes can be custom made to your exact specifications in paint … Continue reading

Is Grapevine Texas a Seller’s Market?

Is Grapevine a Seller or Buyers Market? If you’ve owned a home in Grapevine for five years or more and your planning on buying a larger home in the future you will benefit from selling now rather than waiting.  Texas inventory figures show that we have moved into a Grapevine home selling market.  Selling a … Continue reading

First Time Home Buyer Program in Fort Worth

Fort Worth First Time Home Buyer’s Assistance Program The City of Fort Worth first time homebuyer’s assistance program will credit a first time home buyer up to $14,999.00.  The program is a deferred payment loan that is forgiven after the buyer has occupied the residence for a minimum of 5 years.  The first time hombuyer program … Continue reading


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